Marketing & Promotional Videos

In age of digital media, an engaging promo video can be used to advertise your business across multiple platforms. Your website, Facebook page, and Instagram page can all be used to reach potential clients and grow your business. It is an investment that can go a long way to bring in new customers.

Promotional videos may include:

  • Tourism and Recreation (e.g. Golf Courses, Vacation Resorts, Fishing Lodges)
  • Establishments (e.g. Restaurants, Stores, Venues)
  • Products and Services
  • Special Events (e.g. Festivals, Pet Shows, Sports Events, Music/Dancing Events)
  • Self-promotion
  • Non profit & Charity (e.g. Conservation Areas)

Today a video strategy is an integral part of businesses'  marketing, promotional, and branding campaigns.   People in Canada and the United States consume approximately 60 hours of media content weekly and 80% of that content is video.  Videos are a powerful tool and have been shown to increase viewers'  response rates.   Videos engage and entertain viewers, enhance viewers' experience and build their trust, and provide viewers with instant access to information about your product and services.

Storytelling Videography

Storytelling is a hot trending concept because viewers can identify more with stories than with traditional corporate branding messages.  Storytelling creates an environment where viewers want to know more about your business and become connected with you.

The types of videos that we can create for your marketing, promotional and branding campaign include:

  • Informational - where the video content informs viewers about your products or services
  • Storytelling - where storytelling harnesses the experiential and entertainment qualities of videos
  • Commercial - where your commercial or trailer builds branding by engaging viewers