Cambridge Wedding Videographer


At Beaufilms Productions, I am a Cambridge wedding videographer who strives to elevate wedding videography and create wedding films that go above and beyond expectations. Re-live your wedding day through the eyes of my camera and forever cherish those moments. You will not be disappointed.


What I Provide

  • Cinema Grade Quality (4K Resolution Using the Lumix S1 Camera)
  • Meticulously Designed Wedding Films
  • Professional Sound Design and Music 
  • Professional Colour Grading
  • Highest Level of Customer Service
  • Cinematic Drone Shots


In short, the style of my wedding films is cinematic/storytelling. Sometimes when people hear the word 'cinematic' they are unsure about what that means. In other words, couples don't want to feel like they are going to be actors/actresses.  To clarify, I create a cinematic style through the way that I film and not through lots of staging/acting. Above all, I strive to create wedding films that are captivating through the cinematography while telling the viewer a love story. This is done both through the progression of the wedding day and through the speeches/ceremony. These wedding films are artistically unique in the way they are filmed and how they are assembled. I come from a background in film and have a high level of appreciation for it as an art form. To sum up, I will capture everything that happens, but in a way that is beautiful. 


Firstly, in order to properly quote your wedding I will first ask you a couple of quick questions to assess what your needs are. I will then provide you with a quote for your base price which includes the filming and the wedding film/video. From there you can choose from a list of popular add-ons that you can add to the package/price. 


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